Casual Competitive Gaming

Tournaments dont take long to complete, and head to head challenges only take a few minutes. Spice up your lunch break with a tournament. Make that meeting more interesting with a cheeky head to head challenge. Procrastinate with the solo challenge.

Built with OST

OST makes it easy to integrate blockchain technology with Pac Man Challenge. Powered by Ethereum, OST allows us to easily manage all transactions.

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Sprites, portrait borders, and portraits. Spend your winnings on cosmetic items. Sell your reward-only unwanted items on the marketplace.

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The amount of stats we collect and display for you is daft. Some might say too many. But they would be wrong. How else would you know where you stand against your friends?

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Quick Look: Game modes

Solo Challenge

Casually compete for the #1 spot.

Solo Challenge is all about taking it easy. Nothing wagered. No pressure at all - apart from the fact you know this is your chance at eternal glory on the global leaderboard.

Head to Head

Test your skill against a single opponent.

Head to Head is a fast-paced 1v1 winner takes all challenge. You set the stakes, and compete for the total prize pool. This is for the ruthless ultra competitive players.

8 Player Tournament

A single elimination knockout tournament.

The 8 player tournament is a single elimination bracket. Top 4 places get paid. Can you be in the top 50%?

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